Cat Love During Pregnancy (Pictures Included)

The fact that I can write a whole post on this shows how much of an impact it has made on me.  If you have read my previous posts or follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you have most likely met Pippit.  Pippit has been my loving, purring, furry sidekick for close to ten years now and as any animal lover knows, she has been a part of my family ever since I got her.

Compared to how she acts with other people, it is quite obvious we have a special connection (yes, I realize that may sound crazy but anyone who owns a pet who has become a huge part of their life can understand).  Call me a crazy cat lady if you will, I am fine with it.

When I first found out that I am pregnant, I wondered if Pippit would sense it and change how she acted around me.  I am now 7 months pregnant and I can’t even count the amount of times Pippit has cuddled my belly or checked to make sure I was okay (pictures below).  Yes, she used to do this before but now it is almost like I have pet therapy care around the clock.  Even my SO told me that it seems like she doesn’t want me to be alone.  At night, she still tries to snuggle with me but let’s face it- I can’t get very comfortable and if I do, it’s after rolling from side to side for hours and the comfortable position only lasts for 30 minutes max before I either have to get more water, use the washroom or simply change sides (I love you Liam, but the fact that you’ve become a night owl like Mommy is already a bit frightening for me…).  Therefore, combine me moving around with if my SO has come to bed and takes up more bed space, Pippit knows to not even try getting comfortable for she will most likely, accidentally, get pushed off of the bed unless she is sleeping on my side which she loves to do.

During the night, she knows that Jesse is with me but in the morning, Jesse wakes up and leaves me to sleep in while he goes to the living room (because I finally fell asleep just a short few hours earlier).  Pippit, who is usually sleeping on her cat tree in that room will see him and she may go outside on the balcony for awhile or sleep a bit longer but then Jesse says that it is like she realizes I am alone so she comes into the bedroom to sleep on me or near me until I wake up.  I go to sleep with her at my feet sleeping and I wake up to her either on me or once again, at my feet.

The tummy cuddles.  These moments will stay with me as fond memories forever.  I always loved how her purring was calming, comforting and helped me relax but I love them even more so now that she usually purrs on or near my belly.  On several occasions, she will purr away and Liam will kick like crazy in response.  It is like they are communicating with each other and creating a bond already.  It really is something.  I have read numerous articles about the benefits a cat’s purr can have on a human so if it not only helps calm me lower my blood pressure for a bit, I must admit, I love knowing Liam is also able to experience the calming effects they have.

Pippit has slowly started to sniff the baby items that are making their way into our home and I am sure she knows a big change is coming.  I sometimes worry about how she will react to having a baby in the picture now and if she will get jealous at my attention (and lap room) going to someone new, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will all go smoothly.

Do any of you have similar experiences with your cat family members (or other animal friends) when it comes to your pregnancy?  What about after your child was born- how was that transition for your furry friend?  Any tips or advice for when Liam arrives?  Please let me know by commenting below or finding me on Facebook/Instagram!

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Much love,

JLA, Liam & of course, Pippit who is sleeping at my feet as I type this


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