Egg and Cheese Muffins with a Side of Vanilla Yogurt with Fruit

Another perfect recipe to make for your Mom on Mother’s Day!

Joanna the Montrealer

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Yesterday, my family got together for a brunch to celebrate my Mother’s upcoming birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!)  For special events, we always get together and my sister and I try to come up with simple yet delicious meals to make.  This year, the following recipes were used and it was a hit all around.  Thank you Monica, for everything.  I think eggs will be made this way from now on…

Vanilla Yogurt With Fruit


Now, this obviously is not complicated and you can use whatever fruits and yogurt you would like…

Yesterday we used:

One containter Raspberries

One container Blueberries

and for the first time ever… I used Pomegranates (2)…

(which is where the fun part comes in)

1 scoop per bowl- Vanilla Yogurt.



After washing and preparing those fruits, I got to the pomegranate.  I had only tried it once before and that was with my mom…

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