5 thoughts on “COOK It Meal Kits | Fresh, Portion Controlled Ingredients for Chef Inspired Recipes Delivered Right to Your Door

  1. This seems exactly like HelloFresh and a couple other companies we have here. It’s a great concept to get people cooking with fresh ingredients; hopefully providing them with more confidence and a healthier lifestyle. Does this company cater to specific dietary requirements? 😉

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  2. My Brother-in-Law told me about HelloFresh, printed some of the recipes out for me from their site and I was SUPER jealous that they didn’t ship to Canada, which is why I am so glad that we have this service. There is absolutely nothing like cooking with fresh ingredients, that’s for sure. Even just cutting into anything fresh offers the best scent haha They cater to vegetarians, and they also have an e-mail address so you can customize your menu options for those who have more dietary restrictions. 🙂 Have you used HelloFresh yourself?


    1. Sorry Joanna, we missed this reply because it was not part of the same thread! 😦 Yes, they definitely have some tasty recipes; HelloFresh does not cater for dietary restrictions at the moment. If would be good if they did offer a vegan range though. We have no doubt that they will expand across your borders at some point too! Indeed, cooking invokes so many senses and creates so many great memories in the process. Everyone should be encouraged to cook. No, but I did some freelance work for them at one point. 🙂

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