Thank you! 100 Followers and..

WowI have reached a Milestone! I came here to write a completely different and personal post, but I was distracted by a notification. I have reached 100+ Followers.

While I have over 200 Followers on Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest, it is really, really nice to see that so many WordPress users (along with the  general public) enjoy what I have to write enough to have e-mails sent out to them each time I post something or have me show up in their Feed.  I want to say a huge “Thank You” to everyone who has supported me while I did what I needed to do, just to get to this point.

“100 Followers?  So what?! That’s not a big deal…”  

It doesn’t seem like a lot.  I know that.  Many people are far more successful; I understand that and I respect them, BUT, while I may not become “popular” because of my posts (and that’s okay), everyone who is now “well known” had their first 100 Followers at some point too and I think you all deserve recognition for being the first 100 for me.

I can only hope to continue to reach people who may benefit from what I write, whether you are a Foodie, a Cook, someone going through Depression, a WordPress user (I will be sharing my Adventures using WordPress soon- I am not Computer Literate when it comes to this, stay tuned for what I’ve learned) or someone who loves movie reviews and other entrepreneurs & non-profits as much as I do.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

Whether you dealt with me cooking numerous recipes, shared/commented on my posts, held back from eating to allow me to take pictures of your food, were one of the people I have interviewed or if you have Followed me… I can’t thank you enough.

I will be coming out with Youtube Videos since that is what you requested and I will be doing more Podcasts with 2 Guys, Movies and a Mic so stay tuned for new and exciting things to come from Joanna the Montrealer!

Please, don’t stop commenting or e-mailing me, for I am honored every time I see that someone reached out.

If you have a business/non-profit you want mentioned, please- contact me on Facebook or e-mail me at



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