Emoji Cupcakes: Happy Birthday Max!


If you’ve been following my recipes at all, you would recall that a few of them mentioned  our good friend, Max.  It was recently Max’s birthday and I thought I would try to make him Emoji Cupcakes as a surprise (he probably guessed what I was doing, but oh well).  The conversation that inspired this idea was a hilarious one so it was worth it either way.  Max, I apologize in advance if these don’t work out….

I decided to make marble cupcakes, then experiment (and hopefully not fail at) making emoji faces on them… here we go!




Cake Mix (or your own homemade recipe)

I used a cake mix, so I also needed:

3 Eggs



*The recipe always calls for oil but I prefer using milk- or at least half milk and half oil.  I find it gives the batter a much fluffier texture.*


Vanilla Icing

Food Coloring


Candy for the cheeks and candy eyes



Follow the cake mix instructions, or make the homemade cake batter of your preference.

Bake as instructed.IMG_2698IMG_2701

Remove from the oven and allow them to cool on a cooling rack.

Since I knew I wouldn’t be seeing Max for awhile, I put them in the freezer to keep them in good shape until I was ready to ice them.  People have different views of doing this- some say the cupcakes “sweat” when you defrost them, but I found, that if you leave them at room temperature for about an hour, this is not a problem.  The icing will not sweat or bleed into each other.


Using your food coloring, make half of the can of frosting the yellow color you desire.  Mine didn’t turn out the way I wanted because of the red dye pouring out faster than I expected.  Live and learn, live and learn.  Mix it together well and frost your cupcakes.  Be mindful of which frosting you use or make your own.  I wasn’t incredibly happy with the frosting I purchased- it was too “wet” and soft, even after being in the fridge for a little while.


Since I do not have the proper baking tools (my Sister was always the cake/cupcake/baker of the family) I needed to come up with a different way of doing the icing decorations for the smiles and faces.  For the eyes, I was able to buy candy eyes- while they are cute, be careful how you space them.  Many of my emoji’s ended up looking like they were a tad “crazy”.

For the mouths, I took the extra frosting, made a brown color with the dye and a bit of chocolate syrup (I’ll save the black coloring my teeth for Halloween) and since I did not have a piping bag, I placed the frosting in a Ziploc plastic bag, and cut the tip off of the corner of the bag.  You can also buy the icing in tubes with detachable tips but they didn’t have black or brown anyway- so I saved money by making it this way.

Look at all of that yellow food dye... I am going to look like a minion for the day.
Look at all of that yellow food dye… I am going to look like a minion for the day.

Then, do whichever designs and faces you want.  The Ziploc bag did quite a good job of replacing a real piping bag but if you want these to look very professional, be sure to get the proper items and tips… it will make your life a billion times easier.

You can also use more food coloring to make pink and red frosting for the cheeks, tongue, heart shapes etc but I was running out of frosting.

And there you have it!  While I am not exactly pleased by how they turned out, they could have turned out MUCH worse.  Next time, I would use a different frosting, because like I said earlier- the consistency of the one I used was too “wet” and I would rather make my own buttercream icing.  Other than that, not having the “better” tools and not making them exactly like the real emojis because of the coloring, it is a good option for those who don’t have much time but still want something fun to make.  I just know that I could make these better the next time around.

Pippit was intrigued by the cat “reject” cupcake I did…



One thought on “Emoji Cupcakes: Happy Birthday Max!

  1. I love it love it love it love it!!!! I have to come by and taste them, I’m sure they are awesome and if they are not (which they totally are) then we can move to phase two of that conversation and have a food war of flying cupemojicakes!!! (but they are awesome and I will eat them all, sorry Pippit.. I’m selfish on that one)


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