At Home Cat Toys- DIY Review #1

I know I am not the only cat owner who has been through this: you buy your cat a billion cat toys but instead of playing with them, they attack the household items in their reach or enjoy sleeping in the box that carried the toys. Instead of spending money on more toys, I thought I would try a homemade toy I have seen on several sites to see if Pippit enjoyed it.

What you need:

1 Toilet Paper Roll



Cut tabs on each end of the roll.

Bend the tabs back so you have a “sunshine” type of look to it.

That’s it!  You can put treats in too….


Pippit’s Review


At first, she was interested because she hadn’t seen it before.


She studied it, attacked it once and then……


it was back to loving the plastic bags.  Sigh.

We will see if she returns to the toy later on, but so far, this wasn’t entertaining enough for her….


Leave your thoughts!

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