Third Watch Show, Where are they now?

John Wells has given us numerous great shows.  From ER to The West Wing, Mildred Pierce to Shameless.  While I loved ER, nothing will ever top the love I have for Third Watch when it comes to John Wells productions.  I just finished watching all 6 seasons of Third Watch again and I’m even more in love with it now.  So, where are the actors now?


Coby Bell

Known as Ty Davis on Third Watch, Coby Bell went on to be on Burn Notice, The Game and also did the voice for Conway Stern on Archer.  He has a TV movie in post production called The Advocate, so we can wait and see how that turns out!


Skipp Sudduth

The hilarious actor known for being the cop with hilarious one liners, as Sully (or Sullivan if you’re not on his good side) continued to act in shows such as The Good Wife as Jim Moody, CSI, Orange is the New Black and Criminal Minds to name a few.  While working on Third Watch, he had directed 3 episodes.  Once the show ended, he also directed a few episodes of ER and CSI: NY.


Jason Wiles

Aka Bosco aka my all time favorite of the show.  Not only did I find him amazingly cute, but while he was more on the “tough” side, he also had a huge heart and showed he really did care when the moment was necessary.  Right after Third Watch was over, he played Alex Williams in the show Commander in Chief.  He was in numerous tv shows like Persons Unknown, Army Wives, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY and he also did quite a few movies.  He was in The Stepfather, Zodiac, Monika, The Jogger and is currently working on a new show called Scream.  I’m going to have to watch a few of those movies to get more of my Wiles fill.  Sigh.


Molly Price

As Bosco’s partner, Faith Yokas was another one of my favorite characters. She portrayed the working mom so well- especially when it came to the hardships that come with trying to juggle both a career and a family.  I was always secretly hoping she would end up with Bosco but oh well.  Most recently, you can find her playing Bella in the show Happyish.  She also starred in Shameless, Elementary, White Color, The Good Wife and numerous other shows.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing her for many years to come.


Anthony Ruivivar

You probably started out hating him as Carlos.  By the end of the series, it’s likely that your feelings changed.  Anthony has been very busy since his paramedic days.  He starred in Hawaii Five-O, American Horror Story, Revolution, Southland, and has done a ton of voice over work for Beware the Batman and Marvel’s Avengers Assemble.  You would also recognize him in Tropic Thunder or The Adjustment Bureau.

THIRD WATCH -- NBC Series -- Pictured: Kim Raver as paramedic Kim Zambrano -- NBC Photo: David Rose

Kim Raver

Kim, her name both on and off the screen was known as the “love crazy” paramedic.  We were almost unable to keep track of how many times she was with Jimmy.  Anyways, she went on to do quite a few shows as well!  Lipstick Jungle, 24, Grey’s Anatomy, the list does on and she will also be starring in The Advocate that was previously mentioned.  It almost seems like a small Third Watch reunion.


Michael Beach

Doc was one of my favorite paramedics and in the later seasons, I couldn’t believe what ended up happening with his character.  Michael Beach went on to do voice over work for Justice League and was on shows like Stargate: Atlantis, Sons of Anarchy, The Game and several other shows.


Eddie Cibrian

You may recognize his name because of all the drama revolving around him marrying  LeAnn Rimes back in 2011, but on the show he was known as the love interest for Kim and the father of their son, Joey.  Eddie continued his acting career in Invasion, Ugly Betty, Vanished, CSI: Miami and Baby Daddy.


Bobby Cannavale

One of the heart throbs of the show, Bobby was one of my favorite male characters.  Most recently, you would recognize him as Paxton in Ant Man or Tom Donnelly in Danny Collins.  Bobby was also in movies like Chef, Paul Blart, The Promotion and Snakes on a Plane.  TV wise, he has been equally as busy.  He starred in Will & Grace, Cold Case, Boardwalk Empire and Nurse Jackie.

There are several other well known actors who have guest starred (Wyclef Jean, Gene Simmons, Roy Scheider) or who have had important roles- if you would like me to do a few more Then and Nows and don’t have time to look on IMDb, let me know which actors you want more information on!

Did you watch Third Watch?  Who were your favorite actors?


11 thoughts on “Third Watch Show, Where are they now?

  1. Just finished watching this series for the first time! Made wonder how the hell could I not have watched it when it was on. One of my favorite shows ever now. Where is Sergeant Cruz & Emily Yokas now. And did you know Carlos and Holly Levine were married in real life (Since 1998)

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    1. Nice name Tyrone Boscarelli 😉 Tia Texada (Cruz) went on to do a few episodes here and there of several tv shows but wasn’t really a recurring character in any of them other than one called “Huge”. The woman who played teenage Emily Yokas was on Guiding light for two years and then did a few other tv shows here and there. And YES! I did know that they were married, once I found out and watched the series again, their scenes together were all the more cuter. I’m glad you’ve watched it! Better late than never right? 😉


  2. wow, I love this show so much. I think about the show and the actors often. I have the whole seasons and am almost done watching. I am so glad I have this whole series!!

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  3. I also enjoyed this series. I would hope that it would begin reruns again on A&E. Southland was also a really good series…..any hope it could become a series again.


    1. I’ll have to look into Southland; I’ve never watched it before! I wish Third Watch would come back but with all of the actors off doing their own things I doubt it will ever happen. Even just a mini reunion episode would be fun though. Thanks for commenting and for the Southland recommendation!!


  4. Rewatching Third Watch (again) now. Great show and one with a finale that did not disappoint (IMO). I really, really wish they’d come out with all seasons on DVD already–it’s 2017 for heaven’s sake!

    Also really like Southland.

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