Yes Please! Sweets and Treats – A Tasty New Montreal Business


Introducing Yes Please!  A Montreal based dessert company from Owner Jennifer Malanos.  You may have heard me mention the Stylbox Pop Up Sale that is happening on August 16th.  Not only will Stylbox be there, but so will Yes Please!  It is the perfect chance for you to take a glance (and perhaps indulge in) the beautiful work this local business provides!  Stay tuned for my interview with this talented lady coming up in the next few weeks, but until then here are a few photos of her work and I hope to see you on the 16th!  If you would like to contact her, her Facebook Page can be found here!

Joanna's Stuff6

About the Owner


Jennifer Malanos is a recent culinary and pastry school graduate. She began working in the food industry in restaurant kitchens and food trucks.  She is now starting Yes Please, a dessert company, baking for parties, events and fundraisers in the Montreal area.



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