Happy Birthday Kevin Smith! My Top 4 Kevin Smith Films

Today, Kevin Smith turns 45 and to celebrate, here is a list of my favorite films that he starred in or that were either written, directed, or produced by the birthday man himself along with the “runner ups”.

1.  Clerks II (2006)


While many people disagree with this choice, it was my first Kevin Smith film and it will forever be my favorite one.  Clerks II was written and directed by Smith and he of course starred in it as his famous role of Silent Bob.  I have watched this film more than 100 times and I will never get tired of it.  Ever.  While Clerks is also amazing- I have only watched it a handful of times.  I will have to watch it again, but there is something about Clerks II that makes me still quote lines from it to this day (I’ll admit, I have a huge crush on Elias- “One Ring to Rule Them All”).  Clerks III was supposed to start production in June 2015 but Mallrats 2 (Mallbrats) had priority since Smith wanted to use the mall that had been featured in the first film.  Which, leads me to my next top pick.. Mallrats.

2. Mallrats (1995)

Mallrats 2! Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and Michael Rooker
Mallrats 2! Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes                           and Michael Rooker

I have always been a huge Jason Lee fan and this is one of my favorite films which stars the comedian however, he is not the only “Lee” that matters in this film.  Any Stan Lee cameo is a good cameo to me and to have him featured in this film that revolves around not just romantic love, but comic book love, is pretty amazing.  While Mallrats has numerous scenes that make me burst out laughing, I think my favorite ones are the one with Ethan Suplee (who stars in several films alongside Smith).  All he wants is to see that sailboat… poor guy.

3.  Dogma (1999)


Do I really even need to explain this one?  George Carlin, Alan Rickman, Chris Rock, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck… the list of all the amazing actors in this film goes on and on (geez, even Alanis Morissette was in it) .  It obviously wasn’t for everyone though; the Catholic League declared that the film was “blasphemous”,  organized protests delayed its release and it even led to at least two death threats against Smith.  Sigh.

*When I think of George Carlin, I think of my friend who is one of Carlin’s biggest fans.  He just started his own site and you should definitely check it out at Carlin Was Right!*

4. Red State (2011)


This film didn’t necessarily get great reviews, although it did win a few awards.  It had a great cast and I had a good time watching it.  I might just be an oddball, but I thought it was a great film and it was nice to see a different side to Smith’s films- I just felt like I was one of very few who enjoyed it- please, if anyone is reading this who thought it was good like I did, comment- let me know I wasn’t alone!  Especially Quentin Tarantino- I know you loved it- so please, contact me ( I know, I’m dreaming- it was worth a shot!)

Runner Ups:

Zack and Miri Make a Porno – I was debating putting this as one of my top Smith films so it would be a “Top 5” list but I think it fits better as a runner up.  It has a great cast and is a great comedy- however there are a few aspects to it that make it feel too much like several other comedies.

Chasing Amy- I remember enjoying this film, but there is a reason why it is also in the “Need to Watch Again” Category

Tusk- Not what I had expected but surprisingly good.  Featured similar mind games that Red State featured- but a whole different way of being messed up.  Great movie.

Need to Watch Again/For the First Time:

Comic Book Men (TV series)

Chasing Amy

Yoga Hosers – I am SO excited for this to be released!


What are you favorite Smith films?  Are there gems I haven’t had a chance to see yet?


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kevin Smith! My Top 4 Kevin Smith Films

  1. Dogma is definitely my favorite Smith film. Great story, great casting – especially whoever made the decision to cast George Carlin as the cardinal bishop. Did you know that Kevin Smith took part in the protest against his own movie? There’s a great clip you can find on youtube of him protesting and being interviewed by local news.

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  2. I’m slightly disappointed that you haven’t seen Chasing Amy yet? It’s a very mature movie on his behalf. I loved it and It sits atop my list of K.Smith flicks!

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