Burger de Ville Restaurant

While they have 3 locations, I am very lucky to live a 5 minute walk away from the location in NDG.

Their burgers are absolutely delicious. Between myself and my friends, we have tried quite an assortment of dishes and we have never been disappointed. Their portion sizes are amazing for the price. I remember I ordered a Caesar Salad once- it took three sittings to eat the whole thing and it was only $7.

The Cantina Burger- a Must Try!

I have to mention- the Cantina Burger. Oh my GOSH. It is made with smoked mozzarella, pancetta, pesto mayo, Bruschetta and it is only $9,50. It is my absolute FAVORITE burger. I don’t know if they will be adding it to the permanent menu or not but as special- it is a must try! As always, you can add fries to any meal for only $2!

Their location in NDG is cute- it is a bit on the small-medium side for seating but as soon as you walk in, you see the 100% Canadian Beef – graded AAA and never frozen displayed along with the ribs and veggies. You also see awards they have won hanging on the wall including Montreal’s Best Burger from CTV. I always order for take away since I live so close but it does have a nice atmosphere if you would like to sit and eat. Even while I was waiting for my meal, I saw the staff speaking to their customers as though they were all regulars.

Overall, it is a must try! They have vegetarian options too- portobello mushrooms and grilled veggie sandwiches. Ribs, steaks, poutines, milkshakes, chili, soup of the day, gourmet burgers with several free toppings… they have something for everyone!

What are your favorite meals at Burger de Ville?


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