The Wonder of Wanderlust

wan·der·lust ˈ wändərˌləst/  noun : a strong desire to travel  “a man (ahem and a female) consumed by wanderlust”.  Merriam-Webster : a strong longing for or impulse toward wandering.
Maybe it’s because I haven’t had a real vacation in about six years or maybe it’s because while I love Montreal, I need a break from it.  Whatever the case may be- I need to get out of here.  I know several people who never want to travel, who are happy to keep their roots planted and I completely understand that- but I have never been one of them.
I really want to move to British Columbia- but for now, all I can honestly say is that the next best thing would be to travel.  Yes, I want a family and a home- I want a husband and most of all children; all of those lovely things.  I think it is so important, to also be independent, to travel and to learn as much as you can.   Of course, this can be done once you have a family but it is much harder if you need to think of babysitters, work schedules and the rest of all of those fun factors.
I am seeing several posts about what you can do here in Montreal this summer, which is better than nothing and I am grateful for it. Any tourist would be happy with all of the festivals, shows and events.  Yet,  all I can think of is a sandy, tropical beach.  Sure, we have a handful of beaches but.. c’mon.  I never want to seem ungrateful for living in Montreal – after all, I am Joanna the Montrealer 😉 – but I think there is something ingrained in me that makes me want to travel anywhere and everywhere.
If you’re amazing enough and have been reading my posts (thank you!), you have read my previous posts about Eat, Pray, Love and a few Life Lessons.  I think the experiences that are shown in Eat, Pray, Love which, is based on real events, portray exactly what I can only hope for in life.  I NEED to go to Bali before my time here is done.  I was asked where I would go in a job interview once and when I said “Bali” – they all stared at me like I was an alien and the interviewer even said “Well, that’s weird and specific”.  I’m sorry… but why is that weird and/ or specific?
It has to be mentioned that I was lucky and very fortunate to be able to go to Cape Cod when I was young and then New Hampshire for a timeshare when I was a bit older.  I have family in Vermont and it would allow me to go golfing on beautiful golf courses.  I was even fortunate enough to go to California for Disneyland.  That was my first and last airplane ride.  I will never forget it and I am so lucky to have parents who also worked hard to allow us to go there at all.
I am in no position to feel ungrateful.  None whatsoever.  I am honestly so lucky to have had so many amazing experiences so I can’t ever really complain.  I just think everyone knows the feeling of being suffocated because of one issue (or several) and travelling wouldn’t be running away from those issues- but a small amount of time to finally breathe.
I love the thought of travelling, eating different types of food, learning how to make the meals (then remaking the dishes at home of course), seeing different cultures, customs, overall learning and experiencing new things.  It’s my dream.
Why I can’t do this is a whole other story, for now.
For all of you who are in the same position I am in, we will get there.  We will travel.  We will work hard to do so.
I had a dream last night that I was on a boat in the middle of the ocean. I got to spend time with people I cared about (my cat was there too), I was able to float and swim in the beautiful water, catch fish, live off of what I caught, enjoyed some sun-rays and I didn’t need any other possessions.
That’s the life.
As a society, we have over complicated everything.
For everyone dealing with us while we are suffocating in our current states, we love you and we appreciate that you understand. ❤
Does anyone understand what I’m talking about?  How do you deal with the feeling of, shall I say, “suffocating” while you are unable to travel?  Tips, advice or any comments about world travel would be much appreciated!
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3 thoughts on “The Wonder of Wanderlust

  1. I love traveling too. When I have gone a while without being able to travel, I try to schedule a quick weekend away with my wife. We just go a few hours away and stay a night or two, but it breaks the stagnation of being in one spot. Good luck with some travel plans.

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    1. That definitely sounds like a wonderful and helpful idea. I may have to plan a trip nearby soon just to get out of the city. Thank you for the idea and for commenting! I look forward to reading more of you articles! -JLA


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