Grand Prix Weekend 2015- Restaurants AND OpenTable Points? What else could you ask for?

via MontrealVIP
via MontrealVIP

From June 5th to June 7th, Formula One lovers from far and wide will come to Montreal to enjoy the fun, exciting race and an equally amazing ambiance.  While the race is an important of Grand Prix weekend in MTL, many of us who don’t end up attending the race can always count on wonderful terrasses, the Crescent Street Experience and most importantly amazing restaurants.  As a foodie, this is one of my favorite parts.

Thanks to OpenTable, which I have mentioned previously here, they have compiled a list of amazing restaurants that will be nearby if you are attending any Grand Prix Events.  This includes 139 different restaurants in numerous (yet close-by)  locations.  This means, you get to experiment with new food or go to some of your favorite restaurants  while having events right outside or in close proximity.  As the bonus, because you used OpenTable to reserve, you get to accumulate more points to work up to either a Dining Rewards Gift or a Dining Cheque.

They mentioned quite a few restaurants that I already LOVE such as:

Wienstein & Gavino’s

Bâton Rouge Steakhouse & Bar:

(one of my favorite places ever since I was a kid)

Bevo Bar + Pizzeria

Carlos & Pepe’s

Lola Rosa Parc

Pub Burgundy Lion

Moxie’s Grill and Bar

However, they also listed a few restaurants that I have wanted to try for awhile now, which includes:

Bistro Evo

Bistro Le Cinq

Brisket Montreal

Confusion Tapas du Monde

Restaurant Toque!

For the full list, checkout OpenTable’s list HERE, sign up and reserve with them ASAP- it will be a busy and jam packed weekend!

For more events and information about Grand Prix in Montreal, check out 10 Things To Do During Montreal’s Grand Prix Weekend 2015 via MTL Blog and the Official Grand Prix Site here.


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