Copoli Restaurant- Voted Best Burgers in Montreal

View of Copoli from Vendome Metro
View of Copoli from Vendome Metro

Tonight I had a great “TGIF” dinner date with my Mom.  Copoli’s is in a convenient location for both of us (5181 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O in NDG *UPDATE- they have moved locations- read more here) so I can now finally say that I have actually had a meal while sitting IN the restaurant.  While I have ordered and have gone to get take-out before, it was really nice to enjoy the actual restaurant.

Copoli Burger
Copoli Burger

Copoli’s is known for the “Copoli burger”.  On their menu, they have a “what you see it was you get” photo of the 8″ burger which means it is the real size of the burger and it honestly looks like the burger is bigger than my face.  It’s huge.  I haven’t tried anything else from Copoli’s yet because I am so in love with the Copoli Bacon Cheeseburger.  They make home made buns and it is served with french fries and Copoli sauce.  It always tastes amazing.  It always leaves me with leftovers so it is almost like you get two or three meals.  I definitely know why they are said to have “The Biggest & Most Delicious Burger in Montreal”.

Steak & Pepperoni Submarine
Steak & Pepperoni Submarine

My mom had the Steak & Pepperoni Sub and she really enjoyed it.  All of the subs are served with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, italian dressing and mozzarella cheese.  She let me bring some of it home and it tasted SO good (yes, I came home from supper and just continued to eat- the food is that good).

Copoli’s serves a variety of Italian dishes too, such as 10 types of pizza, Brochettes, Souvlaki, Pasta, Sandwiches, Salads, Poutine, Soup, Smoked Meat, the list goes on and on.

The service was fast and the staff is always very friendly.  The restaurant offers a very relaxed atmosphere and if you sit near the window you can look past the Vendome metro station, past the train station and see the new MUHC.

I had a really great time spending time with my Mom and I am really happy we had a really good meal to go with the mother- daughter time.

I think everyone should try Copoli’s at least once, especially for the famous Copoli burger.  For more information, call them at (514) 483-0000, visit their official site and be sure to like their Facebook Page.

You can even order online and you can save 10% on online orders over $20 with the coupon code “COPO”.


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