NDG Hotdog Restaurant

NDG Hotdog is a five minute walk from Concordia, located at 7363 Sherbrooke Street Ouest.  I have gone here several times and it never disappoints.  They serve hot-dogs (steamed, toasted and michigan), burgers (cheeseburger, doubles, and michigan), philly steak or italian sausage paninis, poutines (chicken, bacon, italian and regular), pogos, gyros, chicken pitas, salad (Chef, Grilled chicken and Greek) and soup of the day.

I absolutely love the philly cheese steak panini and their burgers and hot-dogs are delicious.  I tried the chicken pita for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised.  They always use fresh ingredients and you can tell as soon as you take the first bite.  The majority of the people who have gone here love the poutine as well.  You can also get anything as part of a combo and the prices are amazing.

I have always seen the same three men as the staff and they are all very friendly and polite.  I can always expect fast and great service.  You can sit inside and watch hockey and other sports on the television, or you can enjoy the Montreal summer weather on their terrace.


It is a great place to get a quick bite to eat, especially if you are a Concordia student.

I would recommend trying this restaurant out at least once- even if it’s just to have a “cheat day” diet wise.

They have also had a “Cashier Needed” sign up for the past while so if anyone is looking for a summer job, go apply!

For more information about NDG Hotdog, go to their website here or call 514-487-4400.


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