Hockey Is Back! [Best places to watch the games in Montreal] *100th Post*

October 8th, the day that felt like it would NEVER come is finally here.  For all of you hockey fans, you know what that means.  The season is officially starting.  Since I am a student, I don’t have the funds available to go see a game unless one of my amazing friends let me tag along or when it is the playoffs and the fundraiser which involves $10 tickets takes place.  Therefore, if I don’t feel like streaming it online, going out with friends is the next best thing and everyone has their “spot” to watch the games.  Here is a list of all the places I love to go to see my beloved Habs play along with a few places I need to try out.

1. PJ’s Pub

I live in NDG and since this is a ten minute walk away from me, it is usually my “go-to” place to watch any sporting event.  From hockey to football, soccer, WWE events, whatever it is- you’re surrounded by televisions no matter where you look.  For special events like playoff games etc it is best to show up early (I will be there pretty early tonight for the first game of the season, that’s for sure) but they also take reservations if you’re planning on going with a large group.  Their food is great and not only at night- they are one of my favorite places to go for breakfast.  Go and enjoy a 4L pitcher of your favorite beer and surround yourself with other hockey fans- the energy is always amazing.  For their official website click here or like them on Facebook here.

2. Brasserie Le Manoir

When I used to live in the West Island, like many of my friends still do, we would usually go to Manoir.  It is run by the same owner as PJ’s so their food is quite similar.  I’ve had several amazing memories happen here because of watching games with friends but I don’t think I’ll be going here much anymore.  However, it is a great place and the service is usually good.  Yes, we’ve had a few bad experiences there and it made me feel like it wasn’t worth going all the way there but you go to where the friends are right?

3. Champs

I haven’t been to Champs in FOREVER because it feels wrong to go there without the only friend who ever suggested this location.  However, I plan on seeing him soon and I can’t WAIT to go back.  I remember one of the first times we went there, I was dressed in all of my Habs glory and some Bruins fan was sitting at the bar, being a big talker talking about how he’ll laugh at all of us once Boston wins.. I was feeling a bit courageous so I went up to him and said “How about I get YOUR fedora once the HABS win and you stop being all macho?”  He responded with “How about a date instead?” to which I said “Do you not realize that you’re a Bruins fan and I’m a Habs fan?  It wouldn’t work.”  He kept bad mouthing the Habs the entire night and was getting everyone in the bar upset.  Habs ended up WINNING and he looked at me, then ran out of the bar to which almost the entire bar started applauding.  It was one of the best night’s I ever had, I felt pretty good to be the only one to tell him off.  ANYWAYS back to Champs, it is an amazing place to watch the game since they have Habs memorabilia all over the place and the food is pretty great too.  I honestly can’t wait to go back.

4. Cage Aux Sports

This is another place I don’t go to all that often because I usually only go when I’m in the West Island and I haven’t had the best experiences here however their food when done in a timely manner isn’t bad and if the Habs score five goals, they give you a ticket for 8 free wings, which is pretty great.  Check out their page here.

5. Nacho Libre

This is one of the places I NEED to go to asap.  I’ve heard about them being a great place to go watch events.  They serve burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas and a variety of drinks including an “Ice Ice Baby” which involves vodka and a Mr Freeze… who wouldn’t want to try that?!  Check out their entire menu here or their Facebook page.  It is also just a short walk away from Brutus (which is also another great place to catch a game) so bar hopping is also an option.

6.  Station des Sports

As you can tell by its name, it is a great place to watch sporting events.  Once again owned by the same people as PJ’s and Manoir, the menu is quite similar however I find the prices to be a bit more expensive and the servings not as big BUT they do have pretty amazing drinks and is worth it if you want to try them out.

7. Maz Bar

Located at 5617 Sherbrooke Ouest, this may not be an amazing place to go to watch the game since they only have one or two televisions, however since it is conveniently located for me to be able to either walk home to or crash at a friend’s place, I still enjoy going.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s the usual NDG dive of a place but sometimes that’s all you really need and the staff is ALWAYS super nice. They have the usual selection of drinks but they also have pool tables, Foosball, Air Hockey and Dartboards.  It’s a good place to just enjoy a game of pool, listen to good music and catch some of the game without people screaming all over the place (unless you stay until closing which I don’t suggest since everyone drinks way too much and I’ve seen the police get called numerous times- you’ve been warned).

8. Next Door Pub and Grill

While I haven’t been here for an entire hockey game (yet) I have enjoyed my experiences here.  It is a smaller venue but when you’re surrounded by Habs fans you don’t mind getting a bit cozy with people (they have a terrasse if you need to get air though).  Their food is great and so are their drinks.  Check out their Facebook page here.

9. Sharx

If you’re with a few people who aren’t Habs fans and don’t want to watch hockey as intently as you do, this is a good option since it is also a poolhall and bowling alley.

10. Le Boudoir

This is a place that I have not yet been to but I have heard many good things.  Their prices are amazing and while they don’t have much food other than nachos, the management will gladly give you local menus and you can bring in your own food- just as long as you continue to buy drinks of course.  When the prices are that cheap, how can you go wrong?  I definitely have to keep an eye on this place and try it out at some point even though it is not technically a sports bar (as long as there are screens, who cares?)

11. Grumman 78

Yes, you might recognize the name because of their food truck however at their restaurant they also offer amazing food and show the game on a large screen.  It doesn’t matter where you’re sitting, you’ll have a great view.  Its location used to be an old garage and it offers a cozy environment- I really can’t wait to try it out.  View their menu here.

12. Windsor Hyper Bar & Grill

I used to hear ads for this place on CJAD ALL the time and I still haven’t tried it yet!  From reviews, it seems to be a GREAT place to go watch the games since once again, their seating arrangement offers a great view of the televisions no matter where you’re sitting.  I have heard mixed reviews on the service and the food but mostly people had a good experience- it is probably worth checking it out if you like more of a “lounge feel” when watching games.

13. Factory

Factory is a resto bar located on St Laurent.  It offers amazing food, homemade beer, 14 flat screen tvs and after the game is over, they have a DJ.  Apparently it is a great place to watch the game before heading out bar hopping or clubbing along the Main. 3435 St Laurent

14. Chez Serge

It might be a surprise to many, but I don’t recall ever going to Chez Serge.  I was supposed to go several times but for some reason, never went and this has to change soon.  You can get a bucket of beer for $20 or a beer bong for $10 and they also have a mechanical bull.  One site stated that Chez Serge is a mixture of Coyote Ugly marrying a Montreal Canadiens hockey arena.

15. Thanks to MTL Blog, they compiled a list of 15 NEW places to watch the games.  Read their article here for even more ideas!

If you’re a hockey fan and you DON’T live in Montreal but still want to find a good place to watch the game, I found Hockey Pub which offers a pub directory for true hockey fans.  Visit their site here.


*This was my 100th post and also marked the day that my blog reached 2000 views!  Thank you so much to all of you who continue to read what I share and who always support me.  It means so much to me.  Thank you.*


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