Bar Brutus Restaurant

I have officially found heaven on earth.  For anyone who is a bacon lover (the downfall of me becoming a vegetarian) .. you MUST go to Brutus located at 1290 Beaubien Est (check out their Facebook page here or their main website.)  You can tell right away that it is a popular spot since we found it by following our ears to the sound of several happy diners.

We were seated right away even though it was VERY busy.  Since we were only two, we were seated in the middle of one of their longer tables and while it is not what I was expecting, I really enjoyed the fact that we were seated quite close to complete strangers.  It was a bit hard to hear one another but believe me, once the food arrived, there wasn’t much talking being done anyway- it is delicious.  The ambiance is great for an evening out and it would be a great place to go for any date night or a girl’s night out.


We ordered the Redbull Chicken Wings and the infamous Jagerpoutine.  I fell in love with the Jagerpoutine the moment I took the first bite.  It was absolutely delicious and if you are going to Brutus for the first time, I highly recommend that you order this first.  The wings were also tasty but I think it will be the only time I am ordering them.  I even let the people next to us have the rest of the bucket I had ordered because they were trying to decide what to get and I let them just have mine to help simplify their decision making.


Throughout the night, we tried four drinks- the Cherry Maguire, the Dark Side, the Bloody Brutus and the Pork Soda.  They were all delicious but I think the Pork Soda had a bit TOO much pork flavor for my liking (who knew that was possible?!)  but the Bloody Brutus was my favorite one by far.  I honestly cannot wait to go again.  The food was delicious and I am so excited to try their other dishes.  You can see the full menu below.


The next time I go, I think I will have to try the Kevin Bacon (haha how can I resist?!) No matter what, I think I’ll have to get the Jagerpoutine on the side- it is honestly so good, I can’t get over it.


Here is the full menu.. it will be VERY hard to decide what you want to get once you go so believe me, take the time to look at the menu in advance.



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