Ta Pies Specialty Bakery

10589675_10152205639891814_762043948_nYesterday, a friend and I went to the Monkland (NDG) location of the Ta Pies bakery.  This bakery is Australian/New Zealand inspired and run by a husband and wife team.

” ‘Ta’  (slang down under for thanks a lot) is dedicated to producing high quality comfort food with a modern twist on traditional recipes at a reasonable price. Our pies are high quality gourmet versions of southern hemisphere classics as well as some creations of our own and can be purchased hot to eat on the go and cold or frozen to reheat at home. Cold/frozen pies also come in family size. Our desserts are all handmade classics with our own personal touch. Our famous flat white coffees and specialty drinks will complete your Ta experience, or maybe some Timtams or a jar of vegemite to take home. ” -via their official website found here.

My friend fully enjoyed his beef pie with mashed potatoes and the atmosphere is super cozy.  You can either sit inside surrounded by the amazing aromas or you can sit on the patio outdoors and watch as people walk up Monkland.  You can go to their official website for more menu information and you can also follow them on Facebook here.

I also have to say that it didn’t hurt to see a picture of the owners with Hugh Jackman hanging on the wall from when he was in Montreal filming Days of Future Past 😉


Ta Pies has two locations in Montreal: one at 4520 Avenue du Parc and another one at  5525 Avenue de Monkland.  The owner also told us there are locations opening in the US.  This bakery is definitely a place to keep your eye on.


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