Encore Books & Records and Café Shaika NDG

Montreal has been able to enjoy marvelous weather the past couple of days and today I
enjoyed it by meeting up with a coworker to discover two of my new favorite spots in NDG.

A few weeks back, I dropped off a bag full of movies to try to sell them at Encore Books
and Records
. Located at 5670 Sherbrooke Ouest, this lovely spot is filled wall to wall with books, movies, cds, vhs, magazines, graphic novels, comics and vinyl records (aka heaven and what I want my future house/apartment to consist of). While I had offered about 20 DVDs that I no longer watch, they were only able to take about five of them (there have been many people doing spring cleaning and getting rid of items) – for which I would have
received five dollars. However, I chose to do an exchange in which I was paid $7 and got that amount taken off of my purchase.  I honestly wanted to just curl up on the floor and read every book and look at every movie they had.  I could do this hour after hour.  The staff is very polite and they make you feel like you’ve known them for years. I am definitely going back there for future purchases- they had a great selection.

Once we were done there, we walked a few blocks up to Shaika Café. While I have passed
this place several times, I had never gone in before. I have posted previously about Café TWIGS and little did I know Shaika is like a TWIGS for NDG. It has a very artsy feel to
it and I ran into two people I know while being there. I love NDG for being able to run into friends no matter where you are.  I enjoyed a delicious Vegan wrap- Housemade hummus, grated carrot, cucumber, mixed greens and snow pea shoots in a spinach tortilla. It was delicious. They also offer a wide variety of food from pizza and sandwiches to wraps, soup, cookies, muffins and bagels. They also serve alcoholic beverages and smoothies. WiFi is available to those who wish to work in a great setting.

At night, they usually have performers who do live music from an assortment of genres. I will definitely be returning to enjoy this cafe again. You can also take your meal to go and head right across the street to enjoy Girouard park.

What a day of good finds!


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