Le Bateau Mouche Vieux-Port de Montreal

In September 2013, I was treated to a night in a hotel in the Old Port and a dinner cruise on Le Bateau Mouche. It was wonderful and something I will never forget. The dinner cruise went by way too quickly but the food was absolutely amazing and it was the perfect way to get a scenic tour of Montreal.

They had live music which was fantastic and the service was nothing to complain about. For more information, visit their website www.bateaumouche.ca . It is a MUST for any Montrealer.  The prices vary and you may want to wait for a special event to partake, however it is well worth it and they have specials depending on the time of year.

The Hotel was also perfect. While we didn’t have time, they offered saunas, fitness room and a pool with a glass bottom. We had room service for breakfast which was really good and after we had been on the dinner cruise, we had a night cap at the bar in the hotel.  To make reservations, visit their website www.westinmontreal.com/.    Overall it was a wonderful “stay-cation”.



          bat3                                                                                                   Bat2



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